About Author

Asaad Khalil Dagher: The prose and poet who used his words to talk about sublime national issues, and he is the carrier and translator who transferred his father's books and translated them from English and French into Arabic. Asaad Khalil Dagher was born in the town of Kafr Shima, Lebanon, in the year 1860 A.D., and the writer started his scientific career in the campus of “Obayya Al-Alia” school in Lebanon, and he continued to pursue his educational path until he joined the American University in Beirut. Dagher has risen to various halls and job positions; He worked as a teacher in Lattakia for many years, then traveled to Egypt, to take the position of Chief Justice in the Government of Southern Sudan. Doha Al-Midan poetry was stocked with what Dagher presented of poetry collections, the most prominent of which are: “The Calamity of Calamities”, “History of the Great War” poetry, and a collection of poems in Naum Choucair bearing the name: “Spreading the fragrant rival.” He also published a number of scientific and social articles in major magazines such as Al-Hilal and Al-Muqtataf. His style was characterized by mastery of Arabic in terms of its origins, expressions, and styles. This allowed him to expand his poetry through his use of a docile language that he chooses its words and their meanings without effort or stress. His poetry does not differ from his prose except in observing the rhythm of the verses. He passed away in 1935 AD.