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Edward Page Mitchell: American story writer and editor, born in 1852, is considered one of the main characters in the development of science fiction literature. He was later described as “the lost giant in American science fiction literature.” He wrote many science fiction stories in the period since the 1970s The nineteenth century to its nineties, and nearly all of them were published in the daily newspaper "The Sun" in New York, without revealing his identity. His writings included numerous technological and social predictions that were bold and ahead of their time, including electric heating, temporary freezing of humans, time-traveling machines, traveling at speeds greater than the speed of light, suffrage for American women, and interracial intermarriage. His fairy tales include everything mysterious and strange, including ghosts, the devil, masochism, the transformation of inanimate objects into living beings, and much more. Herbert George Wells: English writer and thinker, considered the godfather of science fiction literature. Wells was prolific in many genres of literature, including the novel, the short story, and historical, political and social works. But he became famous and we still remember him today through the science fiction novels he wrote, the most important of which is the "time machine". Welles published his first novel, called “The Time Machine,” in 1895 CE, and it caused a great uproar in cultural circles, as it met with great public success. Then his work continued, and after that “Dr. His philosophy and ideas showed his expectations for the world of the future. Wells has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times. With the outbreak of the Second World War, Welles's view of the future of humankind became more pessimistic. Wells passed away in 1946, after his name was immortalized in world literature as one of his pioneers.