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Kamel Kilani: An Egyptian writer and writer who took a path from children’s literature and was dubbed “the pioneer of child literature.” He presented many works of genius directed at the child, and his works were translated into several languages, including Spanish, English, and Chinese: Who addressed children on the radio, and the first founder of the Children's Library in Egypt. Kamel Kilani Ibrahim Kilani was born in Cairo in the year 1897 CE, and he memorized the Holy Qur’an when he was young, joined Umm Abbas Primary School, then moved to Cairo Secondary School, after which he enrolled in the old Egyptian University, and worked two years in 1917. During that year, he promoted until he reached the position of Secretary of the Supreme Council of Endowments, as he was Secretary of the Association of Arab Literature, and President of both the “Al-Rajaa” newspaper and the “Modern Acting Club”, and he used to profess in that journalism and journalism. Kilani adopted a distinguished method and a brilliant style in his writing of children literature. As he insisted on the necessity to focus on fusha, so as not to cause a cultural rupture with the historical self, as he mixed the educational curriculum with the teaching method, so he was keen to highlight the moral and normative aspect in his children's works, which is the basis of knowledge. As a world literature, his works were a carnival in which many cultural colors participated, and some of them belonged to Persian, Chinese, Indian, Western and Arabic literature, and its sources and divisions were the forms. Hair systems, were the poems and verses a lot of poetry that permeates the folds of his short stories, and was keen to develop through which the queen artistic taste as well as familiarity with the knowledge of the child, as it was directed through which the child to the good qualities, qualities noble, and good behavior, was keen to This should be done by implication, and not to express its text explicitly by the appearance of a preaching or rhetorical text. Kilani has made contributions in fields other than children's literature. Where he translated and wrote in travel literature and history. He passed away in 1959 AD, leaving behind a great literary legacy for the benefit of the young before the great. Send