About Author

Salah Labaki: Lebanese writer, politician and journalist, excelled in poetry and prose, and he was one of the pioneers of renewal in Lebanese poetry. “Salah Bin Naum Labaki” was born in “San Paolo” in Brazil, and soon he completed his second year until his father accompanied him on his return trip to “Lebanon” and learned the basics of reading and writing at the hands of “Hanna Al-Maliki”. After that, he enrolled in the Capuchin Fathers' School in Baabdat, and received special lessons in the French language, then he studied at the “Al-Hikma” school in Beirut, then at the “Aintoura” school, in which he graduated in 1927 AD, where he obtained a high school diploma, then he graduated with French law in 1920. He worked as a teacher at the Institute of Wisdom during his university studies, and contacted the most senior Lebanese politicians and worked in their offices, and practiced the profession of law and journalism, and his name emerged. He has written for several newspapers. Among them are: “Al-Bashir,” “Al-Hadith,” “The Exhibition,” “The Sail,” and “The Call of the Nation.” He also gave several lectures on contemporary Arabic poetry at the Higher Arab Studies Institute in Cairo. He was a member of the Lebanese National Society and later became its secretary. He was also a member of the Baabdati Charitable Society and chaired the “People of the Pen” association. He belonged to the Syrian National Party, became deputy head of the party, and left it in 1937 after becoming deputy general. He tried to join the "Lebanese Kataeb" party, and the party leader refused, advising him to be a friend of the party, not a member of it. He was awarded the French Academic Medal, he was granted an honorary doctorate degree from the California International Institute, and he was also awarded the Cedar Medal from the rank of Officer. He has an abundant literary, prose and poetic production; In terms of poetry, it has several collections, such as: “the swing of the moon”, “dates”, “bored”, “strangers” and “nostalgia”. As for prose works, they include: “From the Depths of the Mountain” and “Poetical Lebanon.” He also wrote several critical articles, and translated a book on the French writer “Baudelaire”, and his poems were translated into Spanish. He passed away in 1955 in “Beit Mery” in Lebanon.