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About Us

Al-Mashreq eBookstore started its activity by collecting and editing a large number of heritage books for major Arab writers who have influenced and enriched in the cultural community in the recent past.
Al-Mashreq eBookstore is also working on publishing the largest library that includes the most important Arabic books of Arab heritage, after reproducing them in a distinct modern digital format, to build a complete digital archive that preserves these treasures from extinction.
Al-Mashreq eBookstore has also moved to publish a large number of translated books by major international authors, who have been translated by a number of the greatest Arab writers. The literature was proofread and edited in line with the expectations of the modern reader. Al-Mashreq eBookstore did not forget to include a large number of featured books for children and young adults in its library.
Al-Mashreq eBookstore aims to provide the reader with easy access to both Arab heritage and distinguished content, so the library has built fruitful partnerships with a large number of international and regional ebook publishing platforms.